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Buying your own container We offer an option to purchase a second-hand container (of a sea-worthy condition) which can be very useful if, for example, you are renovating a property and would benefit from a secure lock-up. It is important to remember with the purchase of your container:

  • The freight costs may not be significantly reduced
  • At the delivery point a crane will be required to lift the container from the trailer

Once the container is no longer required then you may sell it or you could follow the imaginative lead of one of our clients who buried it in the garden and used it as a wine cellar!

The size of the container

Remember all of your belongings will be packed in your own exclusive container, which you will personally seal once it has been securely loaded. It is very important that you calculate the size of the container which you will require; see our Container Dimensions chart. We only require one week’s notice to book either a 20′ or 40′ container.

Shipping Line Tracking Direct Links

Determine the status of your current container shipments around the world using the shipping liner

links below.

What our clients say

“We love the people at Maritime Cargo Services; they really know how to look after us. Nothing is ever a problem; I cannot believe anyone else would offer a finer service, hence why we have worked with them for over 9 years.”